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There will always be terrible books — those not worth our time.

Books allowing academic theory to masquerade as actual, hard-won experience are at the top of this list. Those enjoying mainstream success and popularity with provocative titles but watered down advice are a close second.

Unfortunately, the raw, non-hyped strategies that equip the everyday business owner for more success are often inside the pages of business books best described as hidden gems.

Let’s take them out of hiding.

Here are five books — listed in no particular order — that top my list of “must reads” for every entrepreneur in search of more income, increased impact and far-reaching influence.

“To Be Or Not To Be Intimidated? That is the Question”
By Robert Ringer

Originally titled “Winning Through Intimidation” when it was published in 1973, this book equips entrepreneurs with the tough skin and savvy positioning skills necessary for survival on the constantly changing battlefield of small business. The author’s renegade approach to business is both empowering and practical. A must-read for any business owner who is coming toe-to-toe with competitors, demanding clients and other realities of being the boss.

“The Small Business Millionaire”
By Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford

A fictional account of an everyday business owner facing a cash flow shortage, “The Small Business Millionaire” brings practical and creative marketing strategies to life in a way that will challenge and excite a committed business owner. As practical as it is entertaining, this quick read is the equivalent of a master’s degree in grassroots marketing and a great resource for any cash-strapped entrepreneur who refuses to give up on her business dream.

“Making a Living Without a Job”
By Barbara J. Winter

Originally published in 1993, this book got me started on my own entrepreneurial journey . Winter skillfully weaves encouragement, real  life stories and practical strategies into her book and demystifies business success. If you are dancing with the idea of going into business for yourself, or need some practical encouragement regarding exactly how successful “this little business of yours” can be, this book is for you.

“The Pumpkin Plan”
By Mike Michalowicz

Michalowicz is best known for his first book, “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur ,” but his entrepreneurial masterpiece is “The Pumpkin Plan .” His candid, irreverent style is a welcome change from the approach offered by most business books, making this one an engaging read. And the hard-hitting advice inside provides not only actionable strategies, but a step-by-step plan to move your business from average to extraordinary.

“No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs”
By Dan Kennedy

Kennedy, also known as “the professor of harsh reality,” reminds business owners that our income and success are dependent on how “ruthlessly” and “unapologetically” we defend our time. Truer words were never spoken. In this short book, business owners will find practical ways to protect and defend their time, as well as useful strategies to conquer procrastination, eliminate distractions and battle the “time vampires” in your business — and win.

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B. Michelle Pippin is owner of WomenWhoWow, a consulting firm that works primarily with professional firms and practices.