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Start-Up Chile’s admission process will run from the January 13th until the February 3rd.Below you’ll find all the necessary information.

Please take a look at the T&C, requirements and criteria of the program. Below you’ll find all the information you’re looking for, but for more details check our FAQ.

Start-Up Chile is a program for those who want to accelerate and develop a world-class startup in Chile, while helping us shape the local culture to embrace entrepreneurship. Talented entrepreneurs from all over the world are invited to apply to be part of the program. If you have an amazing and scalable business idea or an established startup with high growth potential we would be happy to receive your application.

Start-Up Chile’s admission process is organized with the support of YouNoodle, a California-based company that provides a technology platform used by leading entrepreneurship clubs and university competitions worldwide. An internal selection panel will make the final approval decision. – Those who are selected to participate in the Start-Up Chile program must be able to move to Chile and stay here full time and take active part in the program for 6 months (consider one extra month, devoted to program procedures to get you started).

What’s important

  1. – Read the Terms and Conditions (English). – Terms and condition (Spanish)
  2. – Check out the latest application form.
  3. – Please remember that you must apply using the YouNoodle platform. Application submissions that are emailed or submitted in any other way will be rejected.
  4. – The results for this application process will be published on April 10th, 2015.
  5. – The offical starting date for this current application process will be the June 22nd, 2015.
  6. – The next application process will be held in May 5th, 2015.


  1. Video
    We ask all startups to provide a 2 minute video, explaining what pain is solved, introduce the team members and why are you applying to Start-Up Chile. Videos with animations will be rejected.
  2. Over 18
    All participants must be over 18 years of age.
  3. Companies
    Consulting companies, export/import companies and franchises are not accepted as they are not easily scalable on a global level.
  4. Less 2
    You company cannot be over two years of age because we are looking for early stage startups.
  5. Apply
    Applications can only be submited online thought the Younoodle platform.
  6. Dedicated 100%
    The team leader must be 100% dedicated to the project (you cannot be employed in any other company while you are participating in the program). *All these terms apply to Chilean participants equally.
  7. 1 application, 1 startup. 
    For every applicant (founder) we only accept one startup. Please don’t apply with more than one startup.
  8. Documents
    All your identification must be valid at the time of your application (passport or Chilean ID). If you are in the process of renewing your identification you must present a document which proves that it is being renewed.
  9. Recommendation letters
    Only provide the email of the person that will write your recommendation letter. Once it has been submitted (during the application process), the person will receive a notification asking to write one.

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Good luck buddies!